Последнее время всю историю Второй мировой войны пытаются подменить мифом "холокоста". На первый взгляд, многие статьи на сайте не имеют отношения к этому пропагандистскому мифу, суть которого заключается в подмене страданий сотен миллионов европейцев еврейскими страданиями, перевирании и выпячивании одних исторических фактов и игнорировании других. Однако, история не состоит из отдельных и изолированных явлений, поэтому все исторические факты необходимо рассматривать в их взаимодействии. Ревизия "холокоста" направлена на уточнение исторических фактов и создание сбалансированной картины происходивших событий. Чем более полной будет такая картина - тем меньше в ней места останется мифам "холокоста"..

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Статья 19 Всеобщей декларации прав человека (принята Генеральной Ассамблеей ООН 10 декабря 1948 года)


Stifling Nationalism: Holocaust Mythology

The issue as to whether or not the Holocaust happened is a very big topic that has been explored by thousands of researchers.  Holocaust exploration is far too big a topic for a simple blog post.  Of course, the official narrative is that the Holocaust occurred.  As the story is told, millions of Jews were rounded up by the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), beginning in the late-1930s, first into ghettos, then into concentration camps, and, eventually, into extermination camps (specifically six).  We are further told that the Jews, as well as, other “undesirables,” (e.g., Gypsies, homosexuals, and Catholic priests) endured horrible depravities at the hands of their sadistic German captors, while being starved, and for many of them, ultimately gassed or murdered in some other way.  The end result – officially – has shifted over the decades, beginning with a number of approximately six million for all victims (of which, one and a half million were Jewish), to now six million Jews and potentially an additional three million “others.”  But a lot does not add up regarding the official narrative – a narrative that is not even allowed to be questioned in some countries. In some countries, you can be jailed for questioning the Holocaust.

Before I begin, it is important to understand why this topic is important to the South and Southern Identity.  The answer is simple: Christianity is the bedrock of the South.  Unlike any other region in the U.S., the Christian faith plays an enormous role in Southern Identity.  I would argue, it is the defining characteristic of the Southerner – even Southerners who are not particularly religious or identify as Christians cannot ignore the Christian foundation of their culture.  Consequently, the misguided belief that the Jewish people share a salvation oriented heritage with Christians (i.e., “Judeo-Christian” faith) has been weaponized against Dixie by Jewish activists and their Dispensationalist allies.  This has inspired blind loyalty to Israel, fomenting an irrational desire to go to war in places within which young Southern boys should not be, and the consumption of Jewish managed media content that serves only to destroy Western Civilization writ large and Dixie, explicitly.

One tool that is used is Holocaust Mythology. Jewish apologists in the South will frequently cite the need to ensure “Nazis” never reemerge as a threat to democracy, as well as, their alleged genocide against the Abrahamic co-Chosen.  This sympathy for Jewish suffering at the hands of the NSDAP is used to ensure Nationalist policies that benefit the South (and Heritage America) never emerge as a viable political movement while simultaneously causing many Southerners to remain blind to the very real threat of Judeo-Bolshevism, which has taken root throughout the United States, including the South, and quickly destroying it.  Thus, tearing at the roots of the Holocaust Myth is one of many necessary steps that are needed to free the unique Southern ethnicity from its misplaced love for Judaism. 

This piece takes a high-level view of the topic.  It does not suggest that Jews should be mistreated, or for that matter, anyone else should be harmed. Additionally, genocide is unethical and morally reprehensible – for all peoples.  This piece simply provides factual based evidence that the official Holocaust narrative involving the extermination of six million Jews is both illogical and unlikely.  This piece is likely to strike a nerve – perhaps a lot of nerves – in those readers who never read these facts before.  For some who lack the intellectual curiosity and emotional maturity to explore hard truths, this piece will offend you.  It is for this reason that I only offer limited citations – I want you, the reader who has the intellectual curiosity and emotional maturity to investigate my allegations on your own, through your own searches. 

If you have the courage to not only read this piece, but simply look up the facts as I have presented them, you may find that the history you thought you knew was merely propaganda designed to both stifle critical reasoning regarding Judaism while simultaneously ensuring that the German people never attempted to emerge as serious contenders to British, French, or Russian European hegemony.  The Holocaust narrative is a weapon that provides protected status to one group (Jews) and ensures another group remains permanently in a suspended state of guilt (Germans).  But, it goes beyond that. 

Whites more broadly have been trained to disdain Nationalism – a necessity for the survival of any ethnic or racial group – through the weaponization of anti-NSDAP propaganda.  As the functioning world collapses, Whites continue to abhor the one cure for the collapse: Nationalism.  Consequently, again, the importance of dismantling the Holocaust Myth is critical to the survival of White Christians and especially Southerners, as described earlier.

As a caveat, I firmly believe that the Jews under the NSDAP were mistreated.  I also believe those who had not departed by 31 December 1942 (the last day the NSDAP issued exit visas) were placed into concentration camps – not unlike the ones we had for Japanese Americans.  I believe many of the Jewish concentration camp interns starved, likely due to depleted supplies and disrupted supply lines.  On the other hand, they were impressed laborers – a critical resource to the German state during a war that deprived that same state of male bodies sent to war. 

Consequently, while it was certainly a bad place to be, the concentration camps, originally designed to house political prisoners such as Bolshevik terrorists (many of whom were Jewish), were not nearly the over-the-top torture camps of media-lore. Elie Wiesel himself, in his book, Night, discusses going into town and having a fantastic meal on occasion.  Interviewers describe receiving meal packages from the Red Cross and… family members on the outside (?odd?).  Paul Argiewicz, a “Holocaust survivor” who was interviewed in 2000 by Jim McIntosh, describes how it was Communist blocs within the concentration camps that imposed order, discipline, and food rations – which they kept for themselves – not the SS.  That seems odd behavior by blood-thirsty Huns seeking to kill Jews. 

Simply put, the notion that the Germans systematically rounded up Jews, gassed them, then incinerated their bodies, does not make sense.  Here are just five facts to consider. 

1.  The Nazis Created the Modern State of Israel:  the territorial boundaries of modern Israel were purchased and supported through monetary grants given by the NSDAP under Adolph Hitler’s negotiated Haavara Agreement in 1933.  Approximately 140 million Reichmarks were sent to Zionist Jews, managed by the Anglo-Palestine Bank, for the development of a Zionist state within British Palestine between 1933-1939.  When adjusted for inflation, that is approximately $700 million U.S. dollars in today’s money.  Considering the severity of the German economy in the post-World War I Era, that was an enormous investment in a people whom the Nazis sought to exterminate.  Additionally, the NSDAP German government sent additional critical building materials to Palestinian Zionists.  The funds and the materials were used to purchase land and create Jewish enclaves in Israel that ultimately led to the formation of the modern state of Israel as it is called today.  More likely, the Germans simply wanted Jews gone (which is discussed in Mein Kampf), not necessarily killed, due to their far-Left (read Marxist) political posture as a group. 

2.  The population numbers do not add up: Jewish population estimates are all over the board regarding their pre-war and post-war numbers.  Using a source that is supportive of the Holocaust Myth, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Jewish population of Europe in 1933 was 9.5 million and at the end of the war was 3.8 million.  That would superficially seem to support the notion that approximately six million Jews died during World War II, but not quite.  First, we know that the Germans offered exit visas to Jews until 31 December 1942, of which an estimated 1.5 million fled to different areas of the world, especially the Americas and Palestine, between 1933-1942.  Second, the Soviet Union alone lost 27 million people during World War II, or approximately 13.7% of its total population and approximately 20% of its European population, simply due to the brutality of the war on the Eastern Front.  According to the same population source, the Western (i.e., European) reaches of the Soviet Union held approximately 2.5 million Jews, excluding an additional 1.5 million in future Soviet satellite states.  Consequently, 4 million Jews were literally living in the thick of the action.  If we are to believe the six million number, we would have to believe that every single Eastern European Jew survived the Eastern Front warfighting activity (unlike their Christian or atheist neighbors) and instead, were subsequently rounded up by the Germans and processed to various death camps either during their push into the Soviet Union or upon their retreat.  Finally, it is important to note that the Germans did not control the entirety of Europe.  Jews in Spain, Italian controlled territories, Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland – not to mention Great Britain – were never conquered by the Germans nor rounded up by their hosts (Italy apparently did so sporadically, but not in its controlled territories, such as Greece).  Thus, all of the Jews who were out of the reach of the Germans would have had to live throughout the duration of World War II to sustain the survival numbers.  In sum, the numbers do not add up.  More likely, the reduction of 5.7 million Jews in Europe between 1933-1945 was the result of a combination of factors, including migration (1.5 mil), wartime attrition in Eastern Europe (20% of 4 mil is 800,000), and possible forced labor camp deprivations that occurred as the war dragged on and German supply chains were disrupted.  But as you can see, six million is simply a mathematical impossibility. 

3.  The other numbers do not add up, either:  According to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Organization, the introduction of the gas chambers did not begin until Spring of 1943.  There had been some portable, experimental gas chambers introduced in 1942, but they were barely used.  Consequently, the Germans had twenty-months March 1943 to November 1944 (when the extermination camps were allegedly abandoned due to the advancing Soviets) to kill six million Jews by means of bullets or gas chambers.  The latter is the presumed preferred method of the most efficient killing machine in world history.  Based on the assumptions of gas chamber efficiency at Birkenau, the Germans would have to have been the most efficient cremators in history, as well.  There were a total of four gas chambers and crematoriums at Birkenau, of which it is alleged, two thousand people could be killed in each one (or 8,000 per day).  In 2021, the average length of time it takes to cremate a body is 3-4 hours.  Assuming the efficient Germans had (A) cremation equipment on par with 21st Century cremation technology, (B) cremation chambers that required zero maintenance, and (C) operated cremation chambers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without breaks, shift changes, or meals – i.e., a steady stream of Germans diligently cremating Jewish bodies through Christmas and Easter – eight bodies could be cremated per day (24 hours / 3 hours), requiring 250 cremation chambers per crematorium to incinerate 2,000 people per crematorium, per day.  Each crematorium had approximately thirty-five – or, in other words, the maximum cremation capacity of 1,120 bodies among all four crematoriums, operating 24/7/365 without maintenance or any break, over a twenty-month period of time, for a total of approximately 683,200 victims over twenty months… and again, this assumes that the cremations only took three hours versus four hours.  Since we have been told there were six extermination camps – all interestingly found in the Soviet occupied territories, not a single death camp was found by the Americans or British (not to be confused with concentration camps) – and Birkenau was the largest, the maximum number of people who could have been gassed and incinerated is 4,099,200.  That is still a lot of people, but not six million and since the other facilities had an average of one crematorium, the numbers would look closer to 1.5 million (5 facilities x 8 bodies per chamber x 35 chambers x 610 days [20 months]).  In other words, the Germans could not have killed six million people by means of gas chambers, let alone, six million Jews. 

4.  Why serve a country that wants you dead?  Approximately 150,000 Jews served in the German Wehrmacht during World War II.  If the German goal was the elimination of Jews, why let them serve in your military, except perhaps as cannon fodder?  Why not round them up?  Whereas some would point to the fact that the vast majority of these Jews were neither practicing Judaism nor fully Jewish (i.e., they had at least one non-Jewish parent), the German Race Laws of 1935, if strictly adhered, would have prohibited their participation in the Wehrmacht.  More importantly, they would have similarly been subjected to the same concentration camp treatment, at a minimum, if not the so-called extermination camps.

5.  Not One!  Ironically, all six extermination camps were located in the Soviet occupied territories.  Not a single extermination camp was found in the American, British, or French areas.  Yes, there were concentration camps – locations at which political prisoners (e.g., intransigent transexuals, Bolshevik terrorists, etc.) were held along with impressed Jewish laborers – but no gas chambers were ever found.  It was alleged that the infamous Dachau was the site of approximately 30,000 prisoner deaths from the mid-1930s to the end of the war when it was liberated by the Americans.  That seems more reasonable.  First, those who were killed apparently had been killed while trying to escape, organize resistance within the political camps, or by virtue of late wartime starvation (again, German supplies were running pretty low when the country was surrounded).  Additionally, Allied bombing apparently took its toll on Dachau, as well.  But why is it that Judeo-Bolshevik Soviets were the only ones who found gas chambers, but the Western Front never came across any… NOT ONE!  If the Germans sought the elimination of the Jews in mass numbers, would not French and German Jews caught and sent to the Western concentration camps get the same treatment as their Polish counterparts?  Perhaps the real reason is that the Soviet Communists, enraged that (A) the NSDAP stopped the Marxist take over of Germany during the Weimar years and (B) the brutality of the war in the Eastern Front (which the Germans nearly won) led Communist propagandists to invent the gas chamber myth.

Concluding this piece, I want it to be understood that I am personally not supportive of NSDAP policies for the South.  I think that a Clan-based, monarchial system predicated on Christian Order is more natural to the Anglo-Celtic people of the South.  That stated, I also believe that the NSDAP, aka Nazis, have been demonized in an attempt to ensure natural Nationalist impulses of all White peoples are suppressed.  It is this reason that an exploration and the eradication of Holocaust myths must be undertaken.  I do not believe the Jews were well treated in NSDAP Germany.  I also do not believe that a systematic program of genocide – i.e., the Holocaust – took place.  It defies logic and the facts simply do not add up.  The vilification of Germans has served to deprive Europe (i.e., Whites) of its once most proudly militant people and now I see a similar vilification of the South – White America’s most proudly militant people.  Chattel Slavery Mythology is simply the Holocaust 2.0.  Southerners would be wise to look past the History Channel’s version of events and do their own exploration into the so-called Holocaust and the South’s history. The truth can endure scrutiny.  Anyone who tells you not to question something is probably telling you a lie.  There is a reason so-called Holocaust Denial is a crime in many countries – because any logical inquiry into the Holocaust proves it never happened.

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